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Risk Management and Harm Reduction

Risk Management and Harm Reduction Description

Program Requirements:  

Chapters will complete RMHD Plan at the beginning of each semester. Leaders will work with liaisons to identify problems or areas of growth in their chapter and create strategic goals and commitments in this area. The chapter is required to host or attend an educational program addressing one or more of these areas with 85%-chapter attendance each semester.  

Each chapter member will participate in a risk management assessment on the Big 4. SFL team members will work with respective councils to address knowledge gaps for specific chapters. 

Goal Areas

Chapters will be asked to have 85% of members attend a Risk Management & Harm Reduction Ed Program semester.  

  • Social Event Management/Alcohol & Other Drugs 

  • New Member Education/Hazing Prevention

  • Violence Prevention/Bystander Intervention 

  • Chapter Choice 

    • This can include but is not limited too mental health, fire safety, personal safety, sexual health, alcohol, and other drugs, hazing prevention, violence prevention etc 

SFL Big 4

  1. If you break the law, accept the consequences.​

  2. We do not provide alcohol.​

  3. We will know our guests.​

  4. There will be no alcohol in the joining process.

Ohio State Partnerships

Partner with these Ohio State departments and organizations to register for their approved programs.

Allies for Diversity Workshop: Mental Health and Campus Resources

  • Presentation times are based on the availability of the Allies for Diversity executive board members and interested chapters must provide a space for the presentation on campus. Please contact or if interested.
  • This presentation will encourage a dialogue regarding what is mental health, the stigma surrounding mental health, how to advocate for your mental health and various resources on and around campus.

Contraception 101

  • Contraception 101 is an interactive, hour-long PowerPoint presentation that will discuss the basics of using birth control to prevent pregnancy with your chapter. Presented by the Ohio State chapter of the American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists, an Ohio State pharmacy student and a licensed pharmacist will cover different methods of birth control with your chapter. Your members will learn all about how birth control works, which methods are most effective, how to use each method, how to manage side effects/risks and how to obtain birth control in the first place. We’ll even discuss some birth control facts and myths along the way!
  • This workshop is aimed toward women.
  • Please contact to schedule a presentation.

Drop-In Workshops (Provided by Counseling and Consultation Services)

  • Please contact the facilitator if you plan to have a large group attend.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) (Provided by Ohio State Department of Public Safety)

  • This workshop also counts for the Housing SOE requirement, but your chapter cannot use it to fulfill both requirements simultaneously. For instance, if you count it for your Safety/Health/Wellness requirement, you cannot also count it for the Housing requirement, or vice versa.

REACH (Suicide Prevention Program) Training

SARNCO: OhioHealth Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio

Sexual Pleasure, Health and Safety Presentations (Provided by Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies)

  • Please request presentations by the second week of the autumn or spring semester. All presentations, especially if requested after the deadline, should be requested at least one month in advance.

Student Leadership Advocates

Student Legal Services

  • Student Legal Services is offering SOE programs regarding Criminal Rights and Responsibilities and Social Host laws. In this very informative program, students will hear from Criminal Defense attorneys about the criminal and traffic charges students typically face and how to have fun without getting a criminal record. Questions are encouraged!
  • Students should sign up individually. SLS will verify attendance, so please bring your BuckID. SLS will send a list of students to the appropriate Chapter Presidents after the session. Sign up online.

Student Wellness Center

  • To request programs from the Student Wellness Center, please visit their website.

Additional SOE Opportunities

Check out these additional resources for ideas to create your own SOE event. Reach out to Ngoc if you have questions or need assistance.