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Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence Description

Program Requirement: Chapter members complete attend at least one (1) program focused on diversity, inclusion, or Social Justice each semester. Themes may include ability status, ethnicity, gender/gender identity/gender expression, immigration status, race, religion, sexuality, social class, veteran status.

Ohio State Partnerships

Partner with these Ohio State departments and organizations to register for their approved programs.

Allies for Diversity Workshops

  • Presentation times are based on the availability of the Allies for Diversity executive board members and interested chapters must provide a space for the presentation on campus. Please contact if interested.
  • Presentation Options
    • Women in the Media
      • This presentation will discuss topics such as representation of women in the media and the male gaze in various forms of media such as movies, television, and advertisements. Additional discussion topics include the Bechdel Test and common stereotypes associated with sororities.
    • Female Faces of Ohio State
      • This presentation will discuss the women of Ohio State, issues women in academia face, issues women face in their day-to-day lives, sexual harassment, the over-sexualization of young women, and double standards women face.
    • Understanding Privilege
      • This presentation will discuss what is privilege, where privilege can be seen, the different ways people can be have privilege and equality vs. equity.
    • Racist Mascots
      • This presentation will discuss why we use mascots, why some mascots are considered offensive or problematic, the debate surrounding changing offensive mascots and advocacy being done to change certain mascots.

Disability Services 201: Identity and Inclusion Workshops

IGNITE: Women in Politics at Ohio State General Meetings

  • IGNITE is a John Glenn College-sponsored student organization and is housed under the professional development initiative Programs for Ohio Women Empowered to Represent (POWER).
  • Please contact for questions or to RSVP.

Student Life Multicultural Center

Social Change

  • Workshop Options: I Am Social Change, Examining the Social Change Leadership Model and Servant Leadership Theory, Poverty and Education Inventory, Implicit Bias.