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Speaker Series

A Pledge For Life - Risk Management & Reduction for MCG/NPHC

Tuesday September 26th, 2023 | 7:30 pm-9:00 pm | Ohio Union West Ballroom

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Harm Reduction SOE 

A Few Too Many 

Tuesday September 26th, 2023 | 6:30 pm-7:30 pm | Ohio Union East Ballroom

Speaker: Dr. Lori Hart

A Few Too Many is an educational, fun and interactive program and customizable for all university audiences (new student orientation, fraternity and sorority new members, athletics, all campus programming, etc.). It is based on biology, research, harm reduction and concrete steps students can take to be successful in college, and beyond.

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Harm Reduction SOE 

The Drunk Feminist

Tuesday September 26th, 2023 | 8:00 pm-9:00 pm | Ohio Union East Ballroom

Speaker: Dr. Lori Hart

A program for women only, about women, which allows sorority women to take a hard look at their role in what we expect of new members and members and how women are treated in our communities. It is an intersectional program looking at the history of women, the history of feminism, alcohol education around the female body and the important elements of prevention, healthy relationships, and respect. Oh, AND the fact that women can change the world if we choose to!

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Harm Reduction SOE 

National Hazing Prevention Week Programming 

September 27 - Student Org Essentials: Community Building in Student Organizations | Brutus Buckeye in the Ohio Union | 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

  • Join Student Activities to learn about how to create and establish a sense of belonging and shared purpose within a student organization. Focusing on the Membership outcome of the Student Org Framework, we will address a variety of topics such as community building, hazing prevention, team building, member wellness, bystander intervention, and Collin's Law. Community building is an ongoing intentional process that helps everyone feel included and safe within our campus community. Cookies and refreshments will be provided. To sign up for this Student Org Essentials, CLICK HERE
  • Inclusive Excellence SOE 

September 28 - Healthy Community Building Fair | Great Hall Meeting Room 1 in the Ohio Union | 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

  • Join us at our Healthy Community Building Fair. This interactive tabling event is designed to provide support and resources for students at The Ohio State University. Learn about resources on campus, how you can support the prevention of hazing on campus and focus on ways you can build community within your organization. Food, refreshments, and prizes will be provided. Free and open to all students and student organizations.
  • Member Development SOE 

Leadership & Community Engagement is excited to share with you that The LeaderShape Institute has once again returned for Ohio State students in 2023! The institute will be a four-day retreat taking place over Fall Break (October 12th-15thdesigned for students seeking to develop their leadership capabilities and make an impact on campus 

Over the course of the institute students will be develop a vision for something they are passionate about through engagement with: 

  • Self-Assessment Activities
  • Intensive Small Group Discussions
  • Team-Building Challenges

For more information regarding LeaderShape, and to apply to be a LeaderShape participant in 2023 visit Applications are due no later than Sunday, September 17th. For any questions or concerns, please contact Kala Coyan-McClure at

SFL students who attend will receive 2 Member Development and 2 Inclusive Excellence Standards of Excellece Cerdits


Bystander Education Workshop

Sponsored by the Student Wellness Center

This workshop will educate students on how to practice healthy relationships and prevent sexual violence. Programs focus both on knowledge and skills in order to give students the tools they need to make healthy-informed decisions about such topics as consent, intervention, healthy relationships, and sex positivity.

Thursday September 21 

6:00PM - 7:30PM

Location TBA

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Harm Reduction and Risk Management SOE

Sex in the Dark Workshop

Sponsored by the Student Wellness Center

A late-night program for OSU students to stay anonymous in this glow in the dark, Q&A event. OSU-specific support resources will answer your anonymous questions regarding all things sex related (sexuality, pleasure, safety, wellness, sexual health, violence prevention, etc.). No question too simple — or too outrageous!

Thursday September 28 

6:00PM - 8:30PM

Location TBA

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Harm Reduction and Risk Management SOE

Improving Access to and Utilization of Harm Reduction Tools via a 'Harm Reduction Tool Kit 
  1. Hosted by the College of Pharmacy
  2. Contact Rosemary (Member of Alpha Gamma Delta)
  3.  This SOE will involve a short pre-assessment, an educational presentation on harm reduction tools, a post-assessment, and the distribution of the aforementioned "harm reduction tool kits."

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ScreenU Alcohol
  1. Hosted by Student Wellness Center
  2. ScreenU Alcohol is a free, confidential alcohol risk assessment based on evidence-based strategies called SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment). ScreenU Alcohol is very brief (three to five minutes to complete on a computer, laptop or mobile device) and offers immediate, personalized feedback. Chapters that sign up for this will revive a chapter or council-specific assessment. Member can then use data to have strategic conversations with members and set goals. 
  3. One officer can sign your chapter up using this link

If your chapter or council is interested in ScreenU Perscription Drugs (Rx) or Screen U Cannabis please reach out to Will in SFL

Sign-Up and Get more Info Here

Stress, Social and Digital

Sponsored by Student Wellness Center

Life's Tough, and So Are You! Navigating the stressors of college life can be overwhelming at times. Change or any type of transition can be hard! While individuals may be unable to prevent stressful events from occurring in their life, this presentation aims to provide students with the tools to better react and manage their responses when experiencing the stressors of college life. This interactive session will give students an overview of resilience and stress management, increase their awareness of their ability to handle challenges, and help students identify ways to build their resilience now and in the future. 


Sponsored by Student Wellness Center

Fueling for Life! This interactive session provides students with the necessary information to navigate both on and off-campus dining as well as the grocery store. Students will gain knowledge to create well-balanced meals, identify nutritious snacks and address other topics like food preferences, portions, treats, and more.

Safer Sex and Relationships

Sponsored by Student Wellness Center

Let's Talk About Sex! This presentation provides students with a greater understanding of their bodies, sexually transmitted infections, as well as ways to reduce their sexual health risks. It will also provide an overview of sexual health preventive care and resources available at Ohio State and in the community.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (AOD 101)

Sponsored by Student Wellness Center

Students will learn the basics of alcohol including blood alcohol content, defining a standard drink, alcohol poisoning, warning signs and dispelling common myths surrounding the consumption of alcohol, as well as the basics of cannabis including current trends, information about legalization and dispel common myths. Participants will also take a deeper look into how cannabis can impact holistic health and daily life.

Leadership Workshops

Sponsored by Leadership Center

View upcoming workshops to strengthen your personal and chapter's leadership capacities.

  • Count as Member Development SOE 
Social Justice Workshops

Sponsored by the Student Life Multicultural Center

View upcoming workshops that focus on engaging in diverse workplaces and supporting equitable, positive social change.

  • Submit Request Form at least 3 weeks in advance
  • Count as Member Development OR Inclusive Excellence SOE
Identity-Based Workshops

Sponsored by the Student Life Multicultural Center

View upcoming workshops that focus on increasing awareness of the politics of identity and seeking a deeper understanding of dynamics of power and privilege.

OSU Votes

Sponsored by OSU Votes and Student Activities

View upcoming workshops that seek to educate and encourage chapter members to vote.

  • Submit Request Form at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Count as Member Development OR Inclusive Excellence SOE
Willie J. Young, Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement

Sponsored by Off Campus and Commuter Student Engagement


Willie J. Young Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement (OCCSE) together with Student Legal Services (SLS) provide off-campus housing workshops to any and all groups at The Ohio State University. OCCSE and SLS work with residence hall students, academic classes, etc. to discuss the housing search process, including what steps to take before moving in and out of a rental property. OCCSE and SLS offer these workshops to any interested OSU group including but not limited to student organizations, the Greek community and regional campuses.

  • Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement also offers workshops focusing on off-campus fire safety, personal safety and home security. 
  • If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your group, please visit to schedule online or feel free to contact Dilnavaz Cama at (a minimum of 15 attendees is required).
  • Counts as Member Development SOE